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About Deviant Artist Sara A. MazzoliniFemale/France Recent Activity
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Self-reflections :iconkuklamen:kuklamen 0 0
You are a rainspiller, a windblower
                                  flying across the sky
              pattering your face against my windowpane
                       as I stare at the void unblinkingly
       Any passer-by can shovel you to the trashcans of history
       as I let you snow on the sidewalk of chance, ceaselessly—
        Hold your breath and catch sunmotes in your empty hands
:iconkuklamen:kuklamen 1 1
Ice Slivers
On the road sparkled with nowhere
The cities of glass collapse—
Chill words rain down on me
Drenched in language shreds
Derided by shadows
You stare at me tongue-tied and soulless
Tired of raving in the desert of words
Unredeemed by the tide of desireless songs
I rise with suntrails of dust
Your face is nowhere to be found
All roads lead to heaven if you tiptoe on the glass ceiling
Today is the birth of storm-dwellers
Sooner or later you'll find yourself hovering
over the void endlessly
Ungraspable white noise falls through the
night sky
As hail stones astonished storm-riders
You get lost in the sun's black eye
Word-riders dwell in stones of derision
as hailstones fall through the world's darkest core
Godliness is the beginning of Nothingness
   All roads lead to nowhere
as bridges collapse
   The sun is nowhere to be found
Erase this world with a strike of birds—
Hovering above the waters of the Uncreated—
Sketched brushstrokes on an
:iconkuklamen:kuklamen 1 0
Tonight time is unmoored and i drift to unknown shores infinitely as if no second had ever elapsed. Echoes of foreign voices beam through me and dance with deceitful lightmotes, but you are even more elusive than them. I sometimes think the lake i'm crossing is your own rippling skin, but am startled at this chill surface. Tomorrow the sun will be stranded on the shore with me, and we'll be just as surprised to be born again, and just as forgetful of each endless night. My motionless body will rouse with the first stroke of wind, or maybe with your own breathstroke.
Don't rub your eyes too hard or you'll be nowhere to be found.
Voices are raining down on me, melting me, dropping me into an underground maze of tunnels where i can see nothing but phosphenes, a dance of light patterns within my eyes.
I tried to snare you but you wound away
in the skein of ungraspable rivers
or restless wordpulses.
White suns shatter the silence and open the doors to nowhere—
:iconkuklamen:kuklamen 0 3
Fantaisie macabre en 3 actes manqués
- Stella Marine: une jeune fille à la beauté étrange, dont l'innocence même paraît louche  
- Joshua: guitariste, amant de Stella, homme au crâne
- Hombre: psychiatre
- une petite fille: enfant au miroir
- le double de Stella, de Joshua, du psy et de la petite fille
Premier acte.
Deux cuves en plastique transparent, l'une à l'extrême droite et l'autre à l'extrême gauche, encadrent la scène. Vêtue d'une robe blanche légère comme le vent, Stella s'assied à l'intérieur de la cuve d'extrême droite quand le rideau se lève. Une psyché, miroir mobile très prophétique, trône au beau milieu de la scène. C'est une aube hivernale au soleil de glace.
Stella: Ce fut dans la brume d'une plaine d'eau glacée que je te trouvai, sans chair ni sang—
Tu t'évapore
:iconkuklamen:kuklamen 0 5
Un homme de papier mâché me lance des phrases au visage
sur la route de la démolition, je croise un traître mot:
ce doit être une méprise, une mésentente cordiale—
je me jette sur ton corps de papier, le froisse et le pirouette dans la poubelle
C'est ainsi que je t'envoie paître, non dans un vert pâturage
mais dans l'abysse du langage qui avale les rebuts de paradis
Selon ces soeurs siamoises qui dévalent tous les escaliers de la langue à reculons,
je suis pas assez folle pour être baptisée, et encore moins enfermée dans la prison des mots.
Je me baigne dans un arc-en-cil très subtil, c'est un océan d'yeux au ciel déporté
sur le chemin de nulle part
où les ombres se constellent de lumières soupirées—
Qu'est-il arrivé à l'enfant lunaire qui a perdu son frère dans les échos de la nuit?
Son ombre s'est réfugiée dans ton miroir de givre. Plonge-to
:iconkuklamen:kuklamen 0 5
Cendres du Temps
La pluie s'efface sous le pont étourdi de neige à l'aube d'une phosphorescence surnaturelle
l'orée des yeux cerne la mer qui ralentit vers des cils infimes
le jour leurre des poissons de sable insinuant tous les sens du mouvant
notre corps écume le visage des dunes aux lignes sans cesse métamorphosées
les fleurs du pêcher se dispersent médusées dans les cendres du temps
chaque pétale voltigée épelle une syllabe volatisée
le soir où les lèvres sont du sang épanoui dans le ciel sans jamais se faner
je te rappellerai, aveugle au pouls du jour reflué
Je ne me rappellerai ni ton nom ni le son de ta voix mais seul un pétale de pêcher qui flétrit ma chair au toucher du vent
ta voix ne trouvera aucun écho ni dans l'abysse ni dans les hauteurs de mots inconnus
ta peau ne se ridera pas aussi subtilement que les flots qui engouffrent jusqu'à ton nom
tu disparaîtras dans les cendres d
:iconkuklamen:kuklamen 0 3
Following your spine
                                           i find the root of sinuous calm
        Disentangle my thoughts
                                            as i unyarn myself
                              by telling lies
         a whirlwind radiates from your chestbone
:iconkuklamen:kuklamen 0 0
Apple eyes
Lying under an apple tree watching the world pass me by
as the sun settles in my branches
tangles with desireless songs
slowly evading the ebb of self
i saw pebbles of lights rolling in my closed eyes
you surged, spirit-skimming across a lake without ever drowning
wearing night in your flesh and fire in your eyes
you lit my paper skin
i tried to catch you but you flew away
in the skein of ungraspable rivers
or restless wordpulses

Voices are raining down on me, melting me, dropping me into an underground maze of tunnels where i can see nothing but phosphenes, a dance of light patterns within my eyes. You shouldn't rub your eyes too hard, you say, especially when it's perfectly sunny outside. But as i rub your eyes i speedlight you into my heart of darkness, and you gape at me in total disbelief. Soon we explore veins and arteries, and lose consciousness over and over again. And I lose you at the dead end of a tunnel without giving you the chance to see the light of day again.
:iconkuklamen:kuklamen 0 0

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kuklamen's Profile Picture
Sara A. Mazzolini
Born in France
Current Residence: lost
Favourite genre of music: germination
Skin of choice: constellations
In my lyrical poetry the fragmentation of words on the page embodies the scattering of the self into multiple voices and identities. My experimental poems are non-linear and destabilize the traditional flow of Romantic verse. The multiplication of puns & the juxtaposition of polysemous phrases weave and unweave a fabric of unsettling images. In my intermedial practice visual, verbal and musical arts intertwine to give rise to a heterocosm in perpetual change. My videopoems dramatize the dispersal of language in motion. I am inspired by Hart Crane's fusion of Romanticism, Symbolism and Modernism in a "transmemberment of song", by Robert Duncan & Jess's collage practice in poetry and visual arts, by Paul Celan's poems, by Octavio Paz's surreal romantic love lyrics and by Rosmarie Waldrop's postmodernist prose poems.

Personal Statement

My mission is not to interpret the world, but to change it.
By imaginary means, of course.
I still have to post some imaginary pictures to ilustrate the implementation of my mission, or the lack of enforcement thereof.

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My books on…
  • Listening to: hush
  • Reading: the void
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: with dustmotes
  • Eating: dust
  • Drinking: rain


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